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PTA Events


Fundraising and Community Building

PTA supports school programs by fundraising for site specific programs and building community on and around campus.


Close to 70% of BIS PTA fundraising supports site specific programs including:

  • STEAM grants

  • teacher stipends

  • enrichment programs


Over 80% of fundraising occurs in the fall so that by the end of the first trimester, donations can immediately be put to use — supporting PTA's primary mission of community building, child advocacy, parent education, and classroom support — for the remainder of the school year.  


Community building events throughout the year do not involve fundraising and include students, teachers, and parents.

Walk-a-thon & You Fair

BIS student communities compete against each other at the Fun. Walk. Repeat. Walk-a-thon for spirit points through walking, running, and basketball events. Top communities and advisories earn prizes, and individual prizes are given to the top 3 fundraising students.


You Fair, sponsored by School Site Council, provides interactive learning for students in health and wellness.


This is the only time that BIS PTA asks for direct pledges, which can be made online or via check.


To learn more about the 2017 Walk-a-thon & You Fair click here.

Magazine Drive 

During our annual magazine drive, students demonstrate their competitive nature by attempting to be a top seller. Family and friends enjoy fabulous reading with their favorite magazines while supporting BIS. Through Great American Opportunities, this fundraiser is run completely online. Students create an online portal and send emails to families and friends promoting the 3-week sale. Prizes are given to the top sellers.

For more information on the 2017 Magazine Drive, click here.

BIS PTA Parent Teacher Party 

There is one main objective for this event — to build a stronger community between BIS parents, teachers, and administrators while having fun! The Parent Teacher Party does not involve fundraising and does not require costumes. It's simply a night out with music, appetizers, desserts, and beverages. We hope this open, easy-to-join format will encourage parents to attend and get involved with our amazing parent and school community at BIS.

To learn more about the 2017 event, click here.

Support BIS with Easy Free Money Signups!
  1. Go to eScrip to register all of your credit, debit, and grocery cards.

  2. Be sure to add, "Burlingame Intermediate School PTA," as your designated beneficiary group with the Group ID #137357181.

Note: Lunardi's and Mollie Stone's both participate in eScrip, but Safeway does not.

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