• JULY 1, 2022 – Current •

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Prestige Elite | Scholars Circle ($7,500 and above)


Raymond Chang Lee and Nicole Strocen

Sami and Glen Egan

David and Sue Istock

Katie and John Storey

Teresa Wall-Cyb and Jim Cyb

Wendy Yeh and Larry Tsai


Prestige | Scholars Circle ($5,000 - $7,499)

Peter and Hillary Blum

Alex and Pete Caban

Rick and Jill Fair

Peter and Judy Gum

Ankur Guptal

Haskell/Wong Family

The Jaunich Family Foundation

Jen and Tony Lin

Zagofsky-Rothstein Family

Platinum Business Partner

Donor Boom | Sari McConnell

The Learning Studios, Inc.


Partner | Scholars Circle ($3,500 - $4,999)        

Andrew and Heidi Cotton

Paul and Robin Edmondson

Bethany and Phil Hollrah

Julia and Simon Jones

Lai Kong Fung and YingYing Li

Jennifer and Matthew Kulin

Paola Lancellotti and Chester Rice

Jack and Teri McHenry

Kirsten Mellor and Jon Shapiro

Pauly/Sutherlin Family    

Cathleen Pearson and Paul Nelson

Principal ($1,500 - $3,499)

Eric and Jennifer Amdursky            

Anonymous (2)

Conrad and Hildur Carlen

Donna and Eric Colson

Nate and Karen Crawford

DeMartini Family

Sarah and Brian Evars

Knifsend Family

Fred Koopmans and Cecilia Ziniti

Andy Li and Julia Liang

Zheng M and Yi X

Karen and Fady Malik

Miro and Marica

Leslie and Doug Robbins

Steven and Melinda Saunders

Alexis and Katie Schmidt

Alexandra and Peter Schuman

Stephanie and Minesh Shah

Cindy and Ford Sibley

Joe and Isabelle Spano

Brian and Monic Stuart

Danny and Ya-Chi Su

Sandra Sullivan and Perry Wu

Susan and Ihab Tarazi

Tatos Mytels Family

Calvin and Mimi Tran

Cyndi and Dave Wright

Zhan Family

Jesse Zimmer and Jana Rubin

Silver Business Partner

Homes by Gum/Peter Gum

Patron (up to $1,499)

Anonymous (5)

Altbaier Family

Anderson Yazdu Hwang Minton + Horn LLP

Pam Baker

BHS Class of ‘71 50th Reunion

The Conway Family

Kristin and John Dokoza

Laurie and Rob Dougherty

Downtown Burlingame Improvement District

Shannon Eis

Clara Kim and Ralf Elsaesser

Amy and Doug Flanzer

Principal Fong

The Gardner Family

Denise and Keith Good

Josh Greenblatt and Amy Ulrich

Christina and Konrad Habelt 

Mr. Paul F.Hohenschuh and Dr. Marjorie E. Winkler

Hong Hua and Leslie Tong

Michael and Olga Keeley

LaCrosse Family

Ray and Kati Lai

Evi Lugo Amaro

Shirley and Anson Ma

Tia and Matt Mandel

Stan Mainzer and Alison Greenspan

Greg Mitchell and Byung Choung

Richard and Kristin Moran

Irene Motoviloff

Johnny Ng

Michael and Felicia Ng

Jesse Ososki/Erin Efner

Lisa and Greg Ott

Don Rath and Steve Lewan

Emilie and Will Scovill

Karen Senffner and Charles Olson

Patrick and Laura Somers

Robert and Eylul Stobaugh

Ward Supplee and Diane Russell

Scott Tsunehara and Courtney Tong

Manito and Arlene Velasco

Brian and Judy Vina

Zhi Jun Wang