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• JULY 1, 2023 – Current •

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Prestige Elite | Scholars Circle ($7,500 and above)

Peter and Hillary Blum

Sami and Glen Egan

David and Sue Istock

The Hansma Family

Jaunich Family Foundation

Tim and Sarah Kingsbury

Eric Ranta and Euni Kown

Gil and Danielle Simon

Raymond Kruck & Jennifer


Wendy Yeh and Larry Tsai




Prestige | Scholars Circle ($5,000 - $7,499)

Alex and Pete Caban

Derek and Jill Johnson

Jen and Tony Lin

Jill Soley

Kelvin and Karen Huang

Mary and Brett Hofmann

Jack and Terri McHenry

Paul Friedman and Christina Yuni

Marni and Andy Fligel

Jeremy and Melissa Bender

Krista and Larry Zitnick

Lawrence Fung & Lilian Li

Marzena Jurek/Peter Teng


Platinum Business Partner

Donor Boom | Sari McConnell

The Learning Studios, Inc.

Partner | Scholars Circle ($3,500 - $4,999)        

Alexandra and Peter Schuman

Altbaier Family

Haskell-Wong Family

Jankowski Family

John Clarke and Michelle Estrella

Pauly/Sutherlin Family

Peter and Judy Gum

Robert and Deborah Ovadia

Sue Yeon Choi and Luke Chang

Wendy & Sam Bergh

Zagofsky-Rothstein Family

Lisa and Greg Ott

Principal ($1,500 - $3,499)

Andy and Monica MacMillan

Ben Patch and Tamara Romanek

Brian and Monic Stuart

Craig Mercer & Gia Corsetti

Douglas Ross

Druskin Family

Geraldine and Dan Uharriet

Hillary and Chris Milks

Jarrett Family

Jen and Ken Wei

Jesse Zimmer and Jana Rubin

John and Christie Fleming

John and Nancy Miller

Joyce Bernas-Yung and Jeffrey Yung

Justin and Cameryn Erickson

Kenneth J. Ness

Kevin and Erika Kelly

Lindsay and Andrea Van Voorhis

Michael and Karen Folgner

Michael and Olga Keeley

Nate and Karen Crawford

Pam Baker

Van Le

Zev and Teri Handelman

Zheng M and Yi X

Knifsend Family

Brian and Liz Anderson

Karen and Fady Malik

Laxmi & Trey Rees

Jaime and Tim Smith

Matthew & Jennifer Kulin

Adam Durfee

Amy and Peter DiLaura

Chloe Chao

Danny and Ya-Chi Su

Dave Umezaki and Kathy Kleinbaum

Joshua and Alexandra Galanter

Karen Kearney and Bo Parker

Kirsten Mellor & Jon Shapiro

Marc and Carolyn Quilici

Shilpi Suri

Tatos Mytels Family

Conrad and Hildur Carlen

Bethany and Phil Hollrah

Danielle Golik

David & Meredith Thacker

Kristin Bergman and Michael Dougherty

Sarah and Brian Evars

Saras Ramanathan & Sridhar Prathikanti

SummerHill Housing Group

Broome Family

Daniella and Kevin Kriner

Eric & Brieanne Benson

Leslie and Jeff Holzman

Michael Siu and Carmen Leung

The Kendalls

Silver Business Partner

Agiloc International, Inc.

Homes by Gum/Peter Gum

Hot Wok Bistro
Silicon Valley Community Foundation

SummerHill Housing Group

Patron (up to $1,499)

Alexandra Di Cesare

Andrew Alfers & Andrea Gonzales-Alfers

Art & Brooke Lierman

Balinda Wu and Jasom Pi

Brian and Kim Wong

Brian Chang and Melanie Wang

Broome Family

Carrie & Channing Chen

Chris and Jennifer Flores

Christian & Saru Delay

Christy & Joe Covalesky

Cindy and Ford Sibley

Cyndi and Dave Wright

Dan & Eileen Conway

Domenick Bertelli and Sherry Zhu

Don Rath and Steve Lewan

Eric Oo & Susan Sabai Family

Gary and Stacy O'Grady

Gina and Jim Portolan

Helgi Adalsteinsson

Hongwang Du and Judy Yang

Irene Motoviloff

Issa and Tammy Michael

Jain/Patkar Family

Jan-Michael Galvin

Jean and Jeremy Gordon

Jeff and Kathy Lee

Jeff Flowers

Jesse Ososki/Erin Efner

Jin and Xiaqing Wu Family Foundation

Joanie and Rey Bronzini

Joe and Isabelle Spano

Joe Karp

Joseph and Cecilia Bella

Josh and Sharon Weinberg

Josh Greenblatt and Amy Ulrich

Julie Forcum-Plankensteiner

Karen Senffner and Charles Olson

Karen Wong

Karl Kossen & Tricia LIvely

Keith and Denise Good

Kieran and Finola Muldowney

Kim Elsaesser Family

Kim Tramel

Luke and Hsian Winter

Mark and Katie Intrieri

Masami and Maiko Kawano

Michael and Felicia Ng

Mr. Paul F Hohenschuh and Dr. Marjorie E Winkler

Mundhra-Kacker Family

Nhieu and James Warner In Honor of Andy Maxwell and Carla Renzi

Nicholas and Samantha French

Nix Family

Patrick and Laura Somers

Principal Jen Fong

Raju & Paras Malhorta

Ray and Kati Lai

Richard and Kristin Moran

Sarah Simson and Julian Bill

Scott Tsunehara and Courtney Tong

Shirley & Anson Ma

Stan and Lindsay Wilson

Stanley Mainzer

Suzanne and Adam Lee

The Gall Family

The Gardner Family

Theresa and Tom Geraghty

Tia and Matt Mandel

Wendy and Ryan Vance

Yang Family

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