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• JULY 1, 2020 – NOVEMBER 30, 2020 •

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David and Sue Istock

Tim and Sarah Kingsbury

Katie and John Storey

Prestige Elite | Scholars Circle ($7,500 and above)

Prestige/Scholars Circle ($5,000 - $7,499)

Prestige/Scholars Circle ($5,000 - $7,499)


Bernstein Family Foundation

Rick and Jill Fair

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Laura and Brian Huff

Amy and Ron Johnstone

Rachel Perkel and Dr. Shawn Becker

Steve and Melissa Macko

Marc and Betsy Rosen

Dan and Zoe Scheinman

Camille Watson and Chris McGill

Partner | Scholars Circle ($3,500 - $4,999)

Prestige | Scholars Circle ($5,000 - $7,499)

Scott and Amy Dohemann

Gum Family

Kim Koivisto and John Giere

Paola Lancellotti and Chester Rice

Sari and Blake McConnell

Alli and Sherrick Murdoff

Stephen and Hope Pilch

Jenese and Paul Sieben

Wendy Yeh and Larry Tsai


Principal ($1,500 - $3,499)


Lorne Abramson and Elana Lieberman

Kristin and Mark Beach

Biddle/Fazio Family

Conway Family

DeMartini Family

The Haskell/Wong Family

Leslie and Jeff Holzman

Kevin and Daniella Kriner

Fumitaka and Manami Kurihara

Richard and Priscilla Leung

Andy Li and Julie Liang

Silver Business Partner

Fitphoria | Jennifer Slaboda

The Learning Studios

Peter and Janet Martineau

Xiaoshan Min and Jian Yao

Pauly/Sutherlin Family

Leslie Robbins and Doug Robbins

Roncal-Saltman Family

Alexandra and Peter Schuman

Cindy and Ford Sibley

Joe and Isabelle Spano

Arlene Tom and Philip Toy

Calvin and Mimi Tran

B & A Woo


Haitham and Linda Ballout

Alice and Jonathan Berry

Conrad and Hildur Carlen

Paul and Sophia Chen

Helen and Kevin Christian

Community Health Charities

Hongwang Du and Judy Yang

Felix and Mary Feng

Osman and Gonca Egilmez Inegol

Haslam Family

Lynn and Dina La Mark Family

Kramer Family

Ray and Kati Lai

Evi Lugo Amaro

Bronze Business Partner

Burlingame Properties | Raziel Ungar

Stan Mainzer & Alison Greenspan

Steve and Kimarie Matthews

Sue and Steven Milwee

Michael and Felicia Ng

Lisa and Greg Ott

Roman and Lily Quisol

Don Rath and Steve Lewan

Stefanie and Bruce Rodriguez

Steven and Melinda Saunders

Holly Rogers & Rich Schoustra

Patrick and Laura Somers

Ashley Stirrup and Jennifer Sharp

Jennifer and Ted Yamagishi

Anissa and Gary Yeung Family

Patron (up to $1,499)

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