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• JULY 1, 2019 – FEBRUARY 29, 2020 •

Prestige Elite | Scholars Circle ($7,500 and above)


Rachel Perkel & Dr. Shawn Becker

Bernstein Family Foundation

Kerns Fine Jewelry/Mendell Family

Erika Mobley and Andrew Speight

Erika and Nick Pianim

Katie and John Storey


Noah and Lorraine Cohen

Aaron and Krista Giovara

John and Denise Orwin

Charlie and Deanna Verhoeven

Prestige/Scholars Circle ($5,000 - $7,499)


Noah and Lorraine Cohen

Aaron and Krista Giovara

John and Denise Orwin

Charlie and Deanna Verhoeven

Prestige/Scholars Circle ($5,000 - $7,499)


Kaushik and Sonali Bhaumik

Noah and Lorraine Cohen

Stacey and Ted Dobos

Karen and Norman Epstein

Beth and Stephen Frikert

Aaron and Krista Giovara

Tanya and Matt Greening

David Harris and Kathy Turner

Brian and Laura Huff

David and Sue Istock

Prestige | Scholars Circle ($5,000 - $7,499)

Amy and Ron Johnstone

Amy and Brad Koch

Steve and Melissa Macko

Lori and Ryan Mausehund

Olive and Rory O'Driscoll

John and Denise Orwin

John and Rosemarie Shield    

Jim and Loretta Stephenson

Charlie and Deanna Verhoeven

Camille Watson and Chris McGill


Aaron and Jane Armstrong

Elizabeth Battat

Rick and Jill Fair

Amy S. Feng

John Giere and Kim Koivisto

Brian and Jill Hetherington

Jen and Matt Idema

Lisa and Brad Klapper

Suneil Koliwad and Leena Jadhav

Paola Lancellotti and Chester Rice

Doug and Tracy Lane

Suzy and Mark Lester

Robert and Amy McHugh

Alli and Sherrick Murdoff

Jim Nickas

Corrina Rosebrook

Marc and Betsey Rosen

Jenese and Paul Sieben

The van Hamel Platerink Family

Robert and Lindsey Wilson

Alex and Maria Yarmolinsky

Partner | Scholars Circle ($3,500 - $4,999)


Lorne Abramson and Elana Lieberman

Ben and Mandy Au

Emily and Duff Beach

Jeremy and Melissa Bender

Ron and Nina Berkovits

The Biddle/Fazio Family

Laura Bryant and Max Gutierrez

Alex and Pete Caban

Renee and Todd Callantine

Lynette Chandra and Matthias Perczynski 

Jindong Chen and Christine Ye

Scott and Naomi Cochran

Kristy and Jimmy Cowan

Bill and Karen Crandall

Scott and Amy Dohemann

Michael Dougherty and Kristin Bergman

Hongwang Du and Yan Yang

Joshua and Alexandra Galanter

Cathy and Joe Guglielmi

Peter and Judy Gum

The Guo Family

Jankowski Family

Jim and Darlene Jaworski

The Kall Family

Kim and Jason Kletter

Kevin and Daniella Kriner

Fumitaka and Manami Kurihara

Ray and Kati Lai


Principal ($1,500 - $3,499)

Song and Helen Lee

Shawn and Erica Lyons

Karen and Fady Malik

Peter and Janet Martineau

Lara and John McDonald
The McGovern Family

Sue and Mark Noworolski

Mauree Jane and Mark W. Perry

Pauly/Sutherlin Family

Lori and Matt Potter

Roman and Lily Quisol

Gary Rainville and Sandra Osumi

The Reed Family

Jim Roesing and Karen Kraut

The Roncal-Saltman Family

Gennaro and Michelle Ruocco

Lauren and Eric Schlezinger

Michael and Krista Schweinberg

Linda and David Shaffer

Ford and Cindy Sibley

Sugiharto Suherman

Arlene Tom and Phillip Toy

Brian and Wenda Treu

A Vasy and S Wong

Brad and Julie Wilson

B & A Woo

Sandra Sullivan and Perry Wu

Hongwang Du and Yan Yang


Diane Acevedo

Larrin and Janet Andrews

Desmond Ang and Vicky Clare

Arsenal Family

Lori Archie

Michael and Gretchen Barber

Charles Becker and Joan Ullyot

Andrew Brown

Alice and Jonathan Berry

Ganzorig and Bulgankhulan Family

Mark and Samantha Burri

Gustavo and Vicky Cardenas

Conrad and Hildur Carlen

Jason and Jenny Chou

Helen and Kevin Christian

Robert Clark and Teresa Lindhartsen

Jay and Penny Crespo

Don and Paula Crosatto

Craig and Tawny Darling

The Di Cesare Family 

Evelyn Dizadji

Dan and Angela Dobson

Beth and Brad Dominik

Alan and Charlene Drummer

The Durnin Family

John and Patricia Eaton

Chris and Jen Flores

Mohamed Elshenawy and Rania Elbadrawy

Todd Enersen and Carman Chan

Margaret Fotinos and Mike Morearty 

Nello and Karen Franco

Miriam Fried Landesman

Gautam Ganguly and Margaret Burke

Peter and Linda Gardner

George and Amy Gavallos

Thomas and Laurie Giammona

Lisa and David Goldstein

Greg and Marianna Gurovich

Christina and Konrad Habelt

Jennifer Hayden and Billy Ryan

Michael and June Hee

The Herman Family

Holly Herndon and Scott Lazerwith

Michael and Abbie Higashi

Mr. Paul F Hohenschuh and Dr. Marjorie E Winkler

 Leslie and Jeff Holzman

Benjamin Horwich and Amy Tovar

Gail Howey

Hong Hua and Leslie Tong

Wilfred Huang

Alan Huey and Jacqueline Chan

Minha Hwang and Yeiyoung Won

Osman and Gonca Egilmez Inegol

Neal and Joelle Kaufman

Judith and Ananthram Kashyap

Heather Kennedy

Michael and Yulia Kon

Kier and Sharon LaCrosse

The LaMark Family

Dermott and Kathleen Larkin

Kitisak Larlarb and Kali Taylor

Bin and Angela Lei

Andy Li and Julie Liang

Lenny and Astor Li

Patron (up to $1,499)

Yanling Li

Amy Lin

Susan and Charles Limb

Marc and Pam Losito

Evi Lugo Amaro

Stan Mainzer and Alison Greenspan

Tamara Martino

John and Nancy Marty

Daniel and Karen Masterson

Steve and Kimarie Matthews

Blake and Sari McConnell

Steven and Heather McLaughlin

Sarah Mears Kim

Jeanie and Ardeshir Mehran

Mesaros Family

Sue and Steven Milwee

Xiaoshan Min and Jian Yao

Gail and Anthony Mosse

William Myers and Cheri McGilvery

Jennifer Friedman Nee

Michael and Felicia Ng

Karen Palik and Michael Benveniste

Bob and Laura Palacio

Jain/Patkar Family

Scott and Cheree Peterson

Bill & Jill Phillips

Michael and Kimberly Pizzolon

The Rafferty Family

Don Rath and Steve Lewan

Leo and Monique Redmond

Shannon and Michael Robinson

Bruce and Stefanie Rodriguez

Debra and Andrew Ruben

Lesley Rosa

Ted Ryan

Alexei Saltanov

Steven and Melinda Saunders

Scheley Family

Jeff Bashaw and Melanie Seidner

The Shanleys

Alexandra and Jon Slavet

Kevin and Jennifer Slaboda

Patrick and Laura Somers

Joe and Isabel Spano

The St. Game Family

Marian FitzGerald Stein

Don and Kathleen Steul

Daniel Stroud and Cristina Dorr

Danny and Ya-Chi Su

Jung Suh

Ward Supplee and Diane Russell

Dave & Kelly Tillman

The Toma Family

Paul and Ann Treanor

Michael and Allyson Trevor

Ty Family

Adine Varah

Deenna and Mike Viduya

Brian and Judy Vina

The Viola Family

Wei Vongsavanh

Ted Wang Family

Ken and Carolyn Way

Jessica Willey

Jennifer and Ted Yamagishi

Li Yao and Fei Liu

Brad Young and Kumu Puri

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