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BIS Newsletter Submissions

Content submitted by 6p Thursday will be included in the upcoming newsletter.*


The BIS Newsletter is sent out weekly between Sunday evening and Monday morning. Submissions received after 6p Thursday will be added to the the following week's newsletter or later (as indicated in form).


1. Newsletter Submission Form
Content must be submitted through the BIS Newsletter Submission Form. Submissions sent via email (excluding relevant event attachments) will be redirected to the form.

2. Relevent Content
BIS PTA will consider submissions from organizations and programs that are deemed to be:


• related to BIS or middle school students, and/or​

• enriching and appropriate for the BIS community


The PTA Executive Board has sole discretion in determining whether the requirements for inclusion have been met. Events or submissions that are not related to BIS, middle school students, or the BIS community will not be included in the BIS Newsletter.




For high school related content, please submit info to BHS Parents' Group instead.

For K-5 related content, please submit info to the Burlingame elementary schools.

*Unless otherwise indicated in form.

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