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What is the BHS Parents Group Scholars Circle Program?

Scholars Circle is a group of generous donors who provide the cornerstone of the Excellence Fund’s annual grant to BHS. The program honors families who show extraordinary commitment to supporting BHS financially by giving $3,500 or more during the school year.


Families may qualify for Scholars Circle through an outright gift, by more than one gift during the school year (with all gifts totaling $3,500 or more) or through an outright gift matched by a corporate matching gift (with a combined total of $3,500 or more).


Please visit our Donate page to learn about the different ways to give.


Scholars Circle donors are invited to various special events throughout the school year, affording them the opportunity to learn more about the excellent learning environment at BHS. Current families that contribute $3,500 or more to the Business Partnership Program are included in all Scholars Circle events.


Every Scholars Circle gift makes a profound difference. Please consider if your family can contribute at this level, and give as generously as you are able.

What is the difference between donations to the BHS Excellence Fund and booster organizations?

Donations made to the Excellence Fund provide a flexible and discretionary core academic fund for our administrators and staff to impact your student’s learning experience via increasing course offerings, decreasing class sizes, providing innovative classroom curriculum and creating a positive school community.  


There are many ways to give at BHS; however, the Excellence Fund is the ONLY way to directly impact student curriculum minutes during the school day.  Simply, Excellence Fund monies are your way to impact the classroom experience.  And, importantly, this core academic fund serves each and every BHS student.  


Donations to boosters are important and impactful.  We encourage all families to support their student's passions and activities through our boosters clubs, while remaining mindful of the importance of a rich academic environment.  

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