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Private High School Recommendations and Transcripts

Is your student applying to a private high school? If so, please follow the process below:

Transcript Requests and Counselor/Principal Recommendations:

  1. Please deliver paper forms and self-addressed/stamped envelopes to the main office for Ms. Ibos. For electronic forms, please email Ms. Ibos directly.

  2. Have your child email or set-up an appointment with Ms. Ibos outside of classes to go over any necessary information or questions (these are 10-15 minute meetings).

Teacher Recommendations:

  1. Please deliver forms and self-addressed/stamped envelopes directly to the teacher. For electronic forms, please email the teacher directly.

PLEASE NOTE: For St. Ignatius applicants, the high school directly contacts BIS with the required documents, so there is no need to submit forms to the above individuals.

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