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[DUPLICATE FIRST] Date * This is a Template

WHEN: Tue, November 28 * 2-4p

WHERE: BIS * 1000 Main Street


[ Optional: Paste important sentence here between brackets, then delete brackets or delete this part ]

[ Paste copy of event details here between brackets, then delete brackets and format. This should be 15pt with 1.5 line spacing. ]

Add tag(s) at right. Use tags already created if possible. 1-3 per post. Make sure to hit enter after typing each one. Don't make too detailed; use tags that will apply to other posts also.

If post-dating, click on Advanced at right to change dates between /.../ in permalink to match event date, not (publish date).

[ Paste secondary links here, e.g.: Learn more about BCE. ]

(Note: Add at least three hard returns after last line to give space at end of post. Delete this note.)

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