Amity Program at BIS


Each year, the Burlingame School District (BSD) has Spanish speaking Amity Institute interns who commit their time and energy as volunteer foreign language teaching assistants to their host schools and in return receive the opportunity to live, learn, and teach in the USA. BIS interns work with the dual language Spanish Immersion classrooms, Spanish language classes, ESL classes, and general education classrooms. All the interns also contribute to the overall school community. Host schools recruit volunteer host families who provide room and board.

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BIS Garden


Did you know that BIS has a garden space complete with raised beds, an automatic drip system, and outdoor kitchen? Managed by BIS students and wellness coordinator Rusty Hopewell, this garden space is used by students in the Thursday lunchtime club and during Trojan time activities. Learn more about the garden at the link below with more information on the BIS composting project, BIS garden cooks recipes, and a wish list for needed equipment and cooking gear.

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Spotlight On...

...seeks to share some of the hidden gems — activities, clubs, events, and projects — that are happening on campus but many of us may not even know about. 

Block B Society


Block B Society (BBS) honors students who extend themselves beyond the Trojan Motto and their classroom responsibilities. All BIS students are invited to participate. To become a Block B Society member, students need to meet the academic requirements and participate in extracurricular activities and community service.

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Communities and Advisory Classes at BIS


To create a positive campus community and further a sense of belonging, BIS has created six communities, two per grade level. Since Burlingame is known as the "City of Trees," the communities were named in that honor. Sixth graders are part of the Oaks or Willows. Seventh graders are part of the Maples and Cypress, and eighth graders, Sequoias or Redwoods.


Additionally, all certified staff members oversee an Advisory class of about 20 students. During community time (weekly), these classes are designed to build a sense of connected-ness in a smaller environment. Frequently, advisories of the same community will get together to participate in larger group activities to bond and build community spirit. As well, BIS Student Council is focused on having each Advisory class complete a service project as a way to give back to the larger community.


Estudios Hispanos (Hispanic Studies Elective)


This year-long Hispanic studies elective is offered to 7th and 8th grade students. The purpose of Estudios Hispanos is to develop and/or improve Spanish literacy and to foster appreciation and understanding of the hispanic heritage and culture. The class instruction is entirely in Spanish and is recommended for Spanish-speaking students.


Restorative Practices


BIS fosters positive relationships and a strong sense of belonging among all of its community members. When harm is caused, we repair and restore relationships through restorative practices such as community circles, peer talk, restorative circles, restorative conferences and peer council. This commitment to restorative practices has proven to decrease misbehavior, reduce the need for disciplinary actions, increase perceived safely and increase academic achievement campus wide.

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Social Emotional Learning (SEL)


Social and Emotional Learning is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.


A solid SEL curriculum is a hallmark of the BIS curriculum as we know that students with a strong grounding in SEL skills are better equipped to handle the many challenges in early adolescence. Specifically, all sixth graders are scheduled under an A/B schedule, which allows them to explore both PE and a Connections class focused on social emotional learning. Additionally, the elective team has been working on developing a common 21st century skills rubric that incorporates many of the SEL skills for students to be strong collaborators and flexible problem solvers in the classroom. 

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​Trojan Time


Weekly flex time where students can receive academic support or participate in a three-week long activity of their choice from an array of teacher led options. Popular choices for Trojan time include indoor soccer, basketball, theater games, and board games.