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Photo credits:  Leadership, Burlingame B, Yearbook, and Art of Video classes

What is the BHS Excellence Fund

Raised annually with generous donations from families and local business partners, the BHS Parents Group Excellence Fund is a core academic fund that enhances your student’s daily campus and classroom experience. It is the ONLY source of support for additional staffing for critical programs, directly decreasing class size and increasing student academic choices. To donate click below:


Thank you to all the generous donors from our Burlingame community. 

Every donation, no matter the size, helps us meet our goal.

Why Your Gift Matters:


Greater Academic Choice | 55% of the budget | BHS Staffing

  • Reduce class size, especially in 9th-grade courses

  • Additional sections to optimize student choice

  • Additional Math and English classes


Innovative Instruction | 31% of the budget |Enhanced Curriculum

  • Supplemental texts and materials for Math

  • Lab enhancements and materials for Science

  • Guest speakers for History classes

  • Headphones for language classes

  • New TVs for classrooms

  • Software for Game Design

  • Equipment for Art of Video

  • Supplies for Food/Culinary classes

  • Community building: Breaking Down the Walls program

  • Conferences for the Drama program

  • Student field trips to expand career awareness

  • Support for expanded Architecture class opportunities

  • Support for mentoring programs (Panther Pals)

A Connected and Informed Community | 11% of the budget | Student and Family Programs

  • Weekly newsletter and monthly meetings

  • Parent Education content and panel discussions

  • New Parent Party and special events

Gratitude for Teachers and Staff | 3% of the budget | Staff Appreciation Events

  • Fall and Spring breakfast event

  • Holiday luncheon

Your donation helps our teachers and staff leave no stone unturned in bringing expanded and innovative instruction to our Panthers.  Every donation, at ANY level, is meaningful and appreciated. 


In addition, your time and talents also matter and can leave a big impact on the BHS community. We are always looking for passionate volunteers whether you want to lead a team, staff a project  or just connect on a one-time basis.  Whatever you can do will make a difference.  If you are interested in getting more involved, please sign up at THIS LINK

We are BHS. Together. Stronger. 
Go Panthers!  
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